Appearance: transparent, tight, with a hint of tea or hay.

Fragrance: bitter, wood-balsamic, smoky-mossy.

Supplementary flavors: patchouli, rosewood, fir cones, pine, myrtle, petitgrain, lavender, cypress.

Therapeutic class: relaxing, soothing scent.

Main effects:

  • Normalizes the frequency and rhythm of cardiac arrests;
  • Removes insomnia and stress;
  • Helps with neurodermitis, neuralgia and migraines.

Effects on the psycho-emotional state:

Soothes the nervous system;
Removes nervous exhaustion, feeling of fear and tension, neurosis;
Allows thoughts and feelings to flow in a relaxed environment.

Cosmetic application: Used against burning; Removes neurodermatitis, stress, bruises, irritation; Removes diathesis, photodermata, cold allergies; Removes small wrinkles, renders lifting effect and rejuvenates skin.


It is used in dentistry – parodontosis, gingivitis, bleeding gums, oral mucosal problems.
There is a general strengthening effect. Improves the functions of the respiratory system. Removes tachycardia, angiosperm, nerve-based vomiting. It has a detoxifying effect. Neuralgia and neuritis have anti-inflammatory action.

Home Applications: To eliminate swelling, itching and insect bite pain.
Ingredients: valerianic acid ether, valepatriates, acetoxyvalerate, boronilisolerianate, dehydravaltate, isovalerate, sesquiterpine, alkaloids, borneol, borneol ethers, valeroids, polyethers, spirits, hatinine, valerin, tannins, resins, ketones.
No preservatives, coloring agents and excipients!

Safety tips:

Do not apply at least one hour before performing important actions in situations requiring rapid response. Do not use more than 3 weeks, otherwise you may get drowsiness and phlegmacy in the morning. When applied to the skin, you may experience slight numbness and coldness. This is a normal reaction.

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