Cosmetic effects:

  • provides quality care for every type of skin
  • increases the protective functions of the skin, increases the level of resistance to external influences
  • exhibits bactericidal and healing properties in skin eruptions, acne, furuncles, purulent wounds
  • helps to normalize sweat
  • removes calluses, cracks on the feet
  • stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss and the removes dandruff

Psychological effects:

eliminates nervousness and depression, restores strength, invigorates


  • it is used in home cleaning and disinfection
  • works as a natural air freshener

The aroma of spruce essential oil is tawny, resin-bitter, fresh and cool. Spruce is great for cleansing the air in a room and is especially good for use in sauna.

It helps ease breathing, relaxes and clears the mind, freshens you up.

For sauna: Add 5-10 drops of Spruce essential oil in a hot water pot and place it on the upper shelf in the steam.

Aromatization: Add 3-5 drops of butter in the filled cup of aroma lamp and light the candle.

Footwash with essential oil Sprinkle removes fatigue, tension in the legs, adds freshness and strengthens.

Spruce Essential Oil is used for fighting dandruff and hair loss. A few drops should be added to the hair conditioner – a hair balm.

Properties and use:

The most popular healing properties of spruce essential oil is the ability to stimulate the immune system and help recovery for both colds and after surgery including such from severe illnesses.
Spruce oil enhances the body’s internal defenses and stimulates metabolism, restoring the ability to self-regulate and counteract infections.
This is one of the most powerful essential oils in treating congestive events accompanying upper respiratory diseases and chronic bronchitis, the properties of this oil are not only limited to antiseptic and antibacterial but go way beyond that in terms of health.

Spruce oil is a great anti-traumatic agent, it promotes rapid and productive tissue repair in wounds, haematomas, bruises, scratches, edema. In addition spruce oil has a diuretic, this is one of the most effective oils to help treat cystitis, urethritis and other inflammations of the genitourinary system.

The cosmetic properties of spruce oil are manifested in an increase of the protective functions of the epidermis.

Helpful in revitalizing the skin and its elasticity.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties spruce oil reduces swelling, rashes.

In the domestic sphere, this essential oil is an ideal means of aromatic addition to bath and sauna procedures. Its also use it in aromatic candles and home soap making.

Precautions and dosage:

An essential oil should not be used throughout pregnancy and in kidney pathology, it should also be used very carefully on skin prone to dermatitis, allergies and skin diseases.
For a dermal application, it is desirable to use fresh oil and for inhalation procedures.

Applying spruce oil undiluted to the skin is strictly forbidden, even after mixing it with a softening base oil, be cautious that within two minutes it will cause a poking sensation on your skin.

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