Lemongrass essential oil is extracted from the Cymbopogon citratus plant from the Poaceae family. It has a fresh smell and is used successfully against cellulite, energizing the tired body and mind, and protecting the pets from fleas and ticks.


Lemongrass oil has a sweet smell and is dark yellow, amber or reddish in color with a watery viscosity.


Lemongrass oil is extracted from partially dried leaves by steam distillation.

Chemical composition

Its main chemical components are: citronelal, geranyl acetate, nerola, geraniol, neral and traces of lemon and citral.


Lemongrass oil irritates sensitive skin, so its use during pregnancy should be avoided.

Therapeutic properties

The therapeutic properties of lemongrass oil are: analgesic, anti-depressant, antimicrobial. antipyretic, antiseptic, tightening, bactericidal, gasoline, deodorant, diuretic, antipyretic, fungicide, galactagogue, insect destruction, nervine, sedative and tonic.


Lemongrass oil revitalizes the body and relieves the symptoms of overtime from differences in time due to travel. Removes headaches and helps fight nervous exhaustion and stress. The oil tones the body whole and increases the parasympathetic nervous system, which is very helpful in recovering from diseases, as it stimulates the glandular secretions.
is useful for people with respiratory infections, sore throat, laryngitis and fever. Oil helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It is also used in colitis, indigestion and gastroenteritis. The lemon oil tones the muscles and tissues and makes the muscles more flexible. It is also used as an insect repellent and for the protection of pet birds from fleas and ticks. Helps in oily skin and acne and relieves excessive sweating.

  • Application for inhalers: In herbal therapies, Lemongrass oil is used to relieve excess nervous tension and insect resistance. It is a great way to revive the mind when we feel lethargic.
  • Application in massage oils and in the bathroom: Applied in massage oils or in the bathroom, it helps to cope with cellulite. It also helps with digestive problems, infections, nervousness and acts as a general tonic.
  • Application in creams and lotions: Applied in creams and lotions, Lemongrass oil cleanses cellulite and tone the skin by opening the blocked pores. Its antiseptic properties are useful in the treatment of mycosis and other fungal infections.

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