Cosmetic action

it is suitable for the solution of local problems of elderly skin and skin prone to eruptions, improves skin condition, reduces purulence, furuncles, infiltrates, inflammation, provide high-quality express lifting, lifting the contours of the face and body, smoothing the skin relief, removes swelling and puffiness, has a deodorizing effect, removes the unpleasant odor of the feet, manifests its antiseptic activity, decontaminates and stimulates rapid healing of the wounds and cuts, pain relieves and restores skin to frostbite.

Psycho-emotional action: tones, removes passivity, depression, increases working capacity and endurance

Domestic use: has a repellent action against mosquitoes and axes, disinfects the air, cleanses it from dust and flies it is used in wet cleaning and disinfection of the premises.

With a refreshing balsamic aroma, tones, heats up, increases stamina and vitality, effectively helps with stress, anxiety, nervousness and nervous exhaustion. Removes the purulent rash, furuncles. Raises an aging, relaxed skin, removes swelling. It has an antiseptic, deodorizing effect on the skin of the face and body, removes dermatoses on the feet.

Effect of Fir Needle Essential oil:

  • increases working capacity and durability
  • Raises the face contour
  • Smooths small wrinkles
  • Removes swelling and puffiness
  • Removes inflammation and acne
  • has a deodorizing action
  • has a repellent (insect repellent) action

The oil disinfects wounds, scratches, abrasions, prevents small wounds from being wounded. In the composition of the essential oil there are 35 different elements that help to restore the structure of the skin and nourish it with useful trace elements. It is suitable for treating most skin diseases, including acne.


  • For room aromatization: Vaporization in the aroma pad is the easiest way to use essential oils at home. The aromatherapy procedure is most effective in correcting the psycho-emotional state, intellectual processes, the overall tone, in the prevention of respiratory infections. In the upper cup of aroma pad, pour warm water and add essential oil or a mixture of oils, light the candle in the lower arch. Duration of the procedure – from 20 minutes to 3 hours.
  • For compresses: Add essential oil to base oil or water (hot, hot, cold), soak a cotton cloth in the resulting mixture, gently squeeze it and apply it to the affected area. When using hot compresses, apply nylon on top and fasten with a bandage or other dry cloth.
  • For inhalations: Inhalations are primarily used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract illnesses as well as effects on the psycho-emotional sphere. Add the essential oil or mixture according to the prescription to a hot water container. Typically 3-5 drops of essential oil are used for 0.5 l of water. Cover your head and shoulders with a towel, slowly and deeply inhale within 5-7 minutes, then wipe your face. To avoid worsening of the condition, it is desirable that you do not go outside within one hour. If necessary, inhalations can be done 2-3 times a day.
  • For enrichment of creams and other cosmetics: In a small pot, add 10-15 ml of cream (or other cosmetic) and add 1 to 3 drops of essential oil. Mix very well. Use as needed.
    To enrich shampoos and hair conditioners


Do not use during pregnancy. Do not apply to the skin in a pure form. Check for individual intolerance

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