It is obtained by steam distillation of the colors and leaves of the plant Salvia officials. It has a fresh, colorful flavor with playful sweet notes.

Main properties:

antidepressant, tonic, euphoric, relaxing, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, anti-cellulite, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, anti-coughing, hemostatic, astringent, diuretic, deodorant, analgesic, healing.

Safety measures:

A very good relaxing agent, but should be avoided when using alcohol, as it may increase its effect and cause a narcotic effect. It is not toxic and does not cause sensitivity, but its use in larger quantities can lead to vocabulary and problems in pregnancy. Clary Sage oil is not recommended to be used for internal use or undiluted for application to the skin unless specifically recommended by a healthcare professional or aromatherapy, for which we as a manufacturer are not responsible!

Impact on the body:

Prevents wrinkles, balances oily skin, removes cellulite and stretch marks, relieves and cools the inflamed skin. Stimulates hair growth reduces hair loss. As an antiseptic agent in inflammation of the oral cavity and respiratory tract, inflammation of the gums, toothache. Increases appetite, low blood pressure, dizziness, headache, sweating under the arms and hands, rheumatic diseases and muscle aches. Calms the warm waves during menopause, regulates the sweating, when the vagina dries up, a white stream. Stimulates the production of the Estragon and the menstrual cycle, favors conception. It freshens and disinfects the air.

Impact on the mind and the spirit:

The oil that provokes and excites and relaxes. Strengthens the spirit, regains hope and faith in its own powers, removes stress and weakness, strengthens the concentration of the mind.


It is believed that clary sage oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic and astringent action. Its involvement as an ingredient of cosmetic products determines their focus on removing fine lines and wrinkles. The oil is suitable for balancing excess sebum in oily skin and soothes inflammation and redness in sensitive skin. The firming effect of clary sage makes it suitable for massage blends that are designed to mask cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks. Because of its pronounced antibacterial effect and pleasant aroma, it is often used to make deodorant lotions or creams for the area of ​​the armpit or feet. The oil manages the sweating process and reduces the unpleasant odor.

  • Inhalation and Diffusers: aphrodisiac, toning, headache, vertigo, deodorizing, antiseptic, disinfecting.
  • Gargle: for flu, bad breath, inflamed gums, 1 hr hot water / on emulsifier-sugar, soda, salt, honey / 1-2 drops of sage.
  • Massage and Bath: aphrodisiac, toning, cellulite, stretch marks, muscle tension.
  • Enriching face creams: for oily skin, acne 

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