The black pepper essential oil is extracted from the Piper nigrum plant of the Piperaceae family. It is made from the unripe red fruit of the plant. White pepper for domestic purposes is made from the same fruits but they are picked when they are fully ripe and their outer layer is removed before they are dried. This warm and spicy essential oil helps to increase body heat, relieves pain in the muscles and joints and stimulates the immune and digestive system. It stimulates the kidneys and distracts the bruises caused by the increased blood circulation of the skin.


It has a strong and sharp spicy smell. The color varies from amber to yellow-green and is watery.


The oil is harvested using unripe, sun-dried pepper, which, through steam distillation, yields nearly 2% of the total weight.


Chemical composition

The essential oil consists of a variety of chemical compounds such as: a-thionine, a-pinene, camphene, sabene, b-pinene, phellandrene, myrcene, lemon, caryophyllene, 6-farnesene, ol.


Black pepper oil can cause irritation to the sensitive skin and, if used in large quantities, may have a detrimental effect on the kidneys. Its use should be avoided during pregnancy due to the negative effect it can have on the skin.

Therapeutic properties

Therapeutic properties of peppermint oil are: analgesic, antiseptic, spasmolytic, antitoxic, aphrodisiac, antiperspirant, digestive, diuretic, antipyretic, laxative, warming and toning (especially the spleen).


Black pepper oil is used in the treatment of rheumatism, chills, flu, colds, exhaustion, muscle aches, physical and emotional coldness, nerve toning and fever. It increases the flow of saliva, stimulates appetite and peristalsis and tonifies the muscles of the colon and generally improves digestion.

  • Diffusers and Vaporizers: Steam of this oil is used to treat colds and creates a strong inner sense of confidence.
  • Massage oil and in the bathroom: The essential oil of black pepper is used mixed with massage oil or in the bath to improve blood circulation, bruising, rheumatism, arthritis and appetite stimulation. In small quantities, it can be used to lower fever and increase blood circulation to the skin, which is beneficial to the normal skin condition.

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