This oil is mainly used to treat joint and muscle pain. It has powerful pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties that are used for conditions such as lumbago, sciatica, neuralgia, gout, and fibromyalgia, etc. It can be used in massage blends and is also often added to ointments and creams to relieve pain and suffering. Used for inhalation of respiratory diseases, for the release of the respiratory tract, for cleansing sinuses and stimulating the mind. It has detoxifying and diuretic properties, helps stimulate blood circulation, improves digestion, and can reduce cellulite by warming up and encouraging sweating.

Aroma: sweet, sharp, mint, slightly camphorous aroma.


Chemical Composition

The main ingredients of this oil are salicylic acid, (known as the active ingredient in aspirin), methyl salicylate, bituminous and betulinole.

Therapeutic Properties

Antiseptic and Disinfectant

These are two of the most important properties of Birch Oil. The components responsible for these properties are salicylic acid and methyl salicylate, two well-known antibacterials and bactericides in the world of medicine. They protect the skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

Antidepressant and Stimulant

Birch Oil is a stimulant from nature. It stimulates the nervous, circulatory, digestive and secretory systems. It also stimulates the glands with internal secretion, increases the secretion of enzymes and essential hormones. This may play a positive role in illnesses associated with inappropriate hormone secretion, including diabetes, where increased insulin production will help lower blood sugar levels.



Helps reduce fever temperature during fever by encouraging sweating. Removes toxins from the body through sweat during fever.


Painless and Spasmolytic

Useful for reducing pain in the joints and muscles, as well as pain associated with headaches and toothache. Relieves spasms in the body.

Anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritis

Because it stimulates the bloodstream and improves blood circulation, Birch oil gives relief for diseases related to improper blood circulation such as edema (swelling), rheumatism, and arthritis. The detoxifying ability of birch oil is very important as it removes toxins from the body, and they are the root cause of these circulatory diseases.



Essential oil of Sweet Birch can cause skin irritation. It should always be used with caution and diluted with base oil. Its main constituent is methylsalicylate (the active ingredient in aspirin), so it should not be used by anyone who is susceptible / aspirin allergic, has liver problems, is taking blood thinners, has epilepsy, or is the subject of seizures. It should also be avoided in children and during pregnancy or lactation. Always make an allergy test before using it!
Forbidden for internal use!


For Skin: It is often used to help preparations for problematic skin and as a skin softener. It has a firming action and can be used as toner to tighten pores and reduce wrinkles. There are antiseptic, disinfecting properties that can protect the skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

About the Mind: Essential oil of Sweet Birch can stimulate the nervous system and remove the feeling of depression.
Combines well with:
Citrus oils, cedarwood, sandalwood and rosewood.

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