Basil essential oil is extracted from the Ocimum Basilicum herb from the family Lamiaceae (Labiatae). Also known as European, French, plain or sweet basil. The fresh aroma of this essential oil is used in aromatherapy as it awakens the clarity of thought, soothes the nerves, relieves sinuses, treats fevers and menstrual problems. Basil tea helps combat depression, probably due to the fact that the herb stimulates the adrenal gland, which releases a hormone that regulates stress. Many people think that basil helps in spiritual growth. It improves memory and is good to use it when traveling to a place with a big difference in time. The baby is an antiseptic and soothes the itch. Its leaves can be rubbed against insect-bite parts of the body, and its juice drives off insects.



The oil has a watery viscosity and is greenish-yellow in color. Its aroma is light, crisp and slightly sweet. The essential oil is produced in North Africa, Cyprus, Seychelles and Europe.


Basil oil is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves and flowering colors.

Chemical composition

Basil contains many different chemical compounds, including a-pinene, camphine, b-pinene, myrcene, lemon, cis-ocmene, camphor, linalool, methyl chavicol, Y-terpineol, citronelol, geraniol, methyl cinnamate and eugenol.


Although basil oil in principle stimulates and revitalizes the body, it can sometimes have a lulling effect if pregnant women or children under 16 years use it. It can irritate sensitive skin, so it should be used gently on people with easily irritating skin and avoid its use during pregnancy.

Therapeutic properties

Basil oil acts therapeutically as: analgesic, antidepressant, spasmolytic, anti-poisonous, carnivorous, antiperspirant, emmenagogue, expectorant, antipyretic, insecticide, nervous, tonic and stimulating.


Basil oil is highly tonic and helps in treating nervous disorders and stress associated with headaches, migraines and allergies. It helps to refresh your mind and free yourself from intellectual fatigue, while giving you clarity and mental strength.
It has beneficial effects on the airways and is often used for asthma, bronchitis and sinus problems. It is effective in cases of constipation, nausea, vomiting and menstrual problems.

  • Basil oil reduces uric acid in the blood and thus relieves gout. Helps in arthritis, but applied to the skin and acne. Refreshes the skin and is used for insect bites.
  • Burners and Vaporizers: In steam therapy, basil oil can be used to help a migraine, headaches, improves concentration and cleanses the mind.
  • Mixed in the bathroom: When adding basil oil in a warm tub this can help relieve gout, arthritis, muscle and menstrual pain.

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