Top 5 Essential Oils for Men

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Aromatherapy, massages and essential oils – we always connect them with women. We think women are the ones who need to be presented with the new products and the benefits they will have. Men also need relaxation and toning. They also love to breathe marvelous fragrances. They enjoy the good massage and would immerse themselves in a bath with essential oils.

We suggest you get to know the five most popular essential oils for men.


Davana Essential oil.

Its smell is warm, with notes of cedar, vanilla and forest aromas. Ideal for reducing stress and anxiety. You come home after a busy day and not feeling well? Bring to boil a little water, add a few drops of it and inhale the scent. You will feel very relaxed and relaxed very quickly.

Sandalwood essential oil.

It has a sweet and musky aroma. It affects well a dry skin. It makes you relax and feel calm and somehow unreasonably happy. Ask your masseuse or your partner to make you a massage with it.

Peppermint oil.

Men do not like to admit when they do not feel well. Still, if you are tired, your throat is sore and your nose and chest are clogged, put a few drops of Peppermint essential oil in boiling water, lie down, relax, and just breathe in until you feel the scent of it.

Essential oil of cedar wood.

Its aroma resembles the scent of a forest after rain. Specialists recommend a cedar oil massage when you have muscle pain. You can rub it in your partner’s skin.

Essential oil of caraway.

Especially if you are a very young man, it is always good to have a few drops of canula mixed with mineral oil. It cures acne. The combination of caraway and sweet almond oil is used for oily skin and the emergence of herpes.

Essential oils of patchouli, oakmoss, cypress, ginger, pepper, vanilla – are also favorite to men.

If you are a man and read this article, buy one of the listed essential oils and test its impact. You will most likely like it and you will feel good.

If you are a lady, rejoice your partner. Discover a new world of sensations. He will appreciate it.

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