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Top 10 essential oils for female health

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Essential oils have been used as a general aid in maintaining female health for centuries. Whether or not we realize it, they are everywhere around us.

When we see a field of flowers or enjoy the shade of a tree or even squeeze the juice of a fresh fruit, we are enjoying the benefits of essential oils.

They can be found in plants, roots, seeds, flowers, skin, and fruits.

Review our list with the 10 best essential oils for female health along with tips for how to use them in our daily lives.

It’s very important that you test the oil on yourself first in order to check if it’s okay for use. Here is our top ten of the best essential oils for female health:

Ginger oil

It helps with digestion, it can eliminate sea sickness, nausea, ease discomfort.
Everyday use: Use a few drops of the oil on the top of your feet after a meal. This way you will help in reducing nausea or eliminate it for good. Another way is that you put only one drop in a glass of water and drink it.

Orange oil

It invigorates, stimulates.
Everyday use: add a few drops of the oil in your douche gel and you will feel fresh and full of energy right away after you go out of the shower every day.

Lavender oil

-Stress reduction calms the nerves, helps with insomnia, helps with skin irritation.
Everyday use: This is probably the most widely used natural oil in our household.One inhalation of this oil before bed can do wonders.Add a few drops in your bathtub and it will become even more pleasant and relaxing.

Lemon oil

Energizes and reduces stress, a great aid in cooking, cleaning.
Everyday use: Each morning add a few drops of lemon essence in a glass of water, this will energize and wake you up.

Salvia oil

Antidepressant, calming effect, very good in help ease of menstrual cycle symptoms, mood swings etc.
Everyday use: If you are sure that you can use this oil safely, add a few drops and massage the belly area to ease stress and discomfort.

Oregano oil

Cleanses stimulates the immune system, helps aid digestive and respiratory function.
Everyday use: you can freshen and cleanse the air in your home by using this oil.If you add a drop of it in a teaspoon of honey your sore throat will go away.

Thyme oil

Lifts you up, helps with skin irritation.
Everyday use: Add a few drops of this essential oil in your daily creme- this will help calm sensitive skin and will put you in a good mood for the day.

Green tea oil

Helps maintain healthy skin and nails, antibacterial effect.
Everyday use: Add a few drops to your washing powder for a stronger antibacterial effect

Basil oil

Helps ease inflamed and sore muscles, can be used in the kitchen for meals, helps improve memory, eases insect bites.
Everyday use: Add this directly to an insect bite or a sting. Also if you have muscle pains after a hard workout, add a few drops in a massage oil and rub it in the muscle that is sore.

Geranium oil

Balances skin oiliness helps with skin irritation, improves skin quality.
Everyday use: Add a drop of this oil in your daily creme, body milk, or shampoo and you will feel your oil balancing and at the same time it will leave your skin hydrated.

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