forehead chakra and EOs

The Third Eye Chakra and Essential Oils

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Forehead chakra

It is on our foreheads and is most commonly called the “third eye”. It is painted in purple.

This chakra is responsible for our compassion and intuition, wisdom, insight and imagination.

The element corresponding to this chakra is light, and the herb or fragrance is wild wormwood.

Essential oils with which you can balance the front chakra:

Characteristics of the Balanced Forehead Chakra:

  • Intuitiveness
  • Reasonability
  • Quickly acquiring new things
  • Clear memory
  • Intelligent
  • A sense of spirituality

Characteristics of the imbalanced ForeHead Chakra:

  • Lack of sympathy/empathy
  • Convective
  • Intellectualize too much
  • Lack of intuition
  • Lack of reasonability
  • Forgetful
  • Sleep problems, nightmares

Crystals Balancing The Front Chakra:

  • Amethyst
  • Blue quartz
  • Purple fluorite
  • Sodalite

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