Oregano – the miracle that cures everything

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Origanum vulgare is another treasure of the natural pharmacy. We call it a treasure because it’s a rarity. It would be very unwise if we did not take advantage of all the benefits that it offered to us as herb and spice.

As a spice, it gives a truly irresistible taste to even the less refined dishes. No less valuable is the application of the grass as a herb. As an antioxidant is really indispensable, as in the antioxidant scale it even displaces acai berries. Prevents the oxidation detrimental to the cells.
The fact that it manages to prevent and slow down these processes automatically turns it into a tool that stops cancer and its development. Although according to some sources, the antioxidant benefits of oregano have not yet been proven, the fact is that it has the ability to slow down cellular aging.

As an herb, this spice finds application with a bunch of effective recipes. In addition to tea, the essential oil is extracted from it, ointments with a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.

As a powerful antiseptic, this herb is used in recipes to relieve and treat skin inflammations. Its bactericidal action determines its benefits in colds. Its ability to relieve pain is a benefit to the ladies, especially those who suffer a painful period. Gastric ailments are also successfully affected by oregano remedies.


The Oregano herb – an indispensable helper in a battle with winter woes.

Benefits of oregano intake affect diabetic patients, those with high cholesterol, and pancreatitis. For hair problems, especially scalp, it is also good to seek help from the divine scent.

With the prescriptions that our ancestors used, we’ll introduce you to this comprehensive piece of information, relying on you to share the cure you have tried or heard that is effective but not found in the text.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, has once again touched upon this divine scent. Already in ancient Greece, healers treated bites from spiders and even poisonous snakes. The first application of oregano as a medicine known to ancient medics is for the healing of breathing problems and a cold.

Tea leaves of oregano leaves.

The pleasant smell of oregano tea is a great alternative to controlling the cold, relieving and treating respiratory problems, enhancing the desire to consume food. To prepare a cup of this drink, a spoonful of oregano leaves is needed. Their use, not only in the dry but also in the fresh state, is suitable for making tea.

They are placed in two cups of hot water. Once added to it, the hob has to be reduced and the brew to boil to darken the water. The duration of this process is usually about twenty minutes. This is the time required to extract all the useful components (most volatile substances) from the herb.

Once you brew the herb and extract all the beneficial substances from it, strain the extract and taste it with honey to make a cough and the cold easier.

Cold and runny nose.

The cold and runny nose can relieve not only by drinking an hour of aromatic spice but also by a little-known method. Especially for you, we took this remedy from an authoritative foreign site where all the cures have been checked.

Here’s how he cooks – add three drops of incredible oregano oil to a cup of orange juice. Symptoms disappear with a daily intake of oregano for five days in the dose of one cup.
Its effect will intensify by drinking oregano tea three times to relieve the symptoms.

Against menstrual pain.

For most of the female audience, painful menstrual pain is a real nightmare. If you suffer from menstrual pain, this remedy is right for you. As long as spasmolytics stop working, there is no such risk – you can easily take it lightly, without the fear that at some point its strength will weaken.

To soothe menstrual pain, just chew a few sprouts of oregano. And to always have a fresh spice, a good idea is to plant it in a pot.
Drinking a cup of oregano tea within a few minutes guarantees instant relief. During the period, it is advisable to consume three or four cups a day.
Butter from the herb can also be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, but not just for that. To reduce the severity of the negative effects of menopause and prevent premature menopause, taking two drops of oil is advisable.

Breastfeeding patients are required to avoid treatment with this agent.

Essential oil of oregano.

The magnificent essential oil of oregano is applicable to a variety of problems – from stomach swelling and hair loss to a cough, muscle pain, candidiasis.

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