Meghan Markle can not live without it

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Prior to Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry, she was a very regular girl, she was a supporting actress in the popular Costume Series, a lifestyle blogger with her own site, and an international ambassador of the Woman Vision Canada organization. By combining all of these activities, before moving to London, she had a lot of travel-related commitments.

And travels can be very exhausting for both the psyche and the health, the skin and the immune system. As we all see, 36-year-old Meghan is a pretty and well-cared woman, and to always be so exquisite, she strictly follows her beauty rituals. Without them, her dynamic lifestyle would have left quite a mark on her vision.

But Markle admits that when she traveled between Canada, the United States, and England, she did not leave this eco-beauty product.

And it is quite natural and natural. It is his frequent use, when he was on a long journey without going home for a month, always keeping it fresh, illuminated, with a healthy and beautiful appearance.

During Costume Shows, when she had traveled to London for her meetings with Harry while she had commitments on her social and humanitarian causes, she had only one secret of beauty.

And its name is quite simple – tea tree oil.

With an interview of a few months ago, Megan says:

The only thing I can not live without when traveling long distances is tea tree oil. I apply it on my skin – on my body and face, I use it as a disinfecting gel, also as a natural insect repellent, and in addition, it can also make very good and effective hair masks.

Essential tea tree oil has proven antiseptic properties, which means it can destroy bacterial infections.

It can eliminate or prevent the growth of microbes, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. The effect of tea tree oil is very close to that of chemical disinfectants, except that it is a natural and natural remedy. Relieves the condition of the skin of acne and other superficial skin infections. Its aroma has immunosuppressive properties.

Compared to all other essential oils, tea tree oil has the most resource-rich composition. The main ingredient to which the oil owes its healing properties, however, is the so-called terpinal-4-ol, which effectively counteracts numerous pathogenic bacteria and fungi, while not damaging the skin layers. The steam bath with a few drops of tea tree oil relieves a cough and unblocks the bronchi. Just sit down with your head down and a towel over the hot steam to breathe in.

You can rinse your oral cavity with a solution of a few drops of oil in warm water to remove bad breath, but you should never swallow the mixture.
Well, Meghan definitely won us not only with charm but also with his choice of beauty tricks. We admit that we sympathize with it, and now – even more so, knowing that it is betting on natural products that each of us can afford.

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