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Lighten the stress and remove dandruff with lavender, the “essential” essential oil (part 2)

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In the previous post about the uses of lavender oil we outlined 5 of the most common ones. Now we will reveal the last and also will give you a recipe of how to make one yourself.

It pushes insects away

Spreading lavender essential oil in your home will blow away the insects – it repels them. Apply it to your skin, and you will protect yourself from the lousy buzzing intruders.

Note: When choosing lavender oil, always take a high-quality, therapeutic or nutritional grade of essential oil; many surrogates are sold on the market, with some containing chemical additives.

To do this, talk to the naturopath you trust. In pregnancy, talk to a doctor before using lavender to make sure it’s safe for you.

How to make lavender oil by yourself

If you love the aroma of lavender and often drop lavender oil in your tub after a stressful day or on your cushion for soothing and sweet dreams, here’s an easy way to get your favorite essential oil. Besides the pleasure of doing something useful and enjoyable, you will also save money – the pure essential oil in the stores is expensive.

All you need to make essential oil of lavender is … lavender (freshly picked or dried) and vodka.

Home-made essential lavender oil


  • Flowers of lavender (fresh or dried)
  • Vodka (and cheap brands do work)
  • Hemp, if you do not, and a bowl and a spoon will do the job
  • Coffee filters or muslin cloth
  • Two hermetically sealed jars
  • Bottle of brown glass


  1. Put freshly picked or dried lavender into the mortar or bowl. (You can also use the stems because there is oil in them). Whip the lavender slightly to start the process of separating the oil from it. But do not overdo it and do not mess it, because if you turn it into a mess, the recipe will not work.
  2. Pour the crushed lavender into a jar and pour the vodka until you fill the jar. Close the lid very well.
  3. Shake the jar at least once a day for one week to remove the oil. The longer the lavender is left in the infusion, the more lavender oil you will get.
  4. Once you decide that you have sampled the lavender enough, use a coffee filter or a muslin cloth and strain the liquid in the second jar.
  5. Put a clean coffee filter or a muslin cloth over the lavender vodka jar. Leave the jar on the hob for a week. Alcohol will evaporate from the jar and you will get essential oil of lavender.
  6. After the vodka evaporates, pour the essential oil of lavender into a bottle of brown glass.

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