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Lighten the stress and remove dandruff with lavender, the “essential” essential oil (part 1)

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If you are looking for essential oil to use regularly, lavender oil is an excellent choice. It is not only characterized by a sweet aroma, herbal and tempting but also has a wide range of useful uses. In fact, when you get used to the use of high-quality lavender oil, you might wonder how you ever lived without it.

Lavender has been used since ancient times for the ability of this herb to bring peace, raise mood, and for many other reasons. Its use dates back more than 2500 years. Ancient Greeks used lavender to treat many diseases, including mental disorders, sleeping problems, and pain. In medieval Europe, lavender was grown to repel the diseases.

Lavender provides the ideal, indispensable oil because it is very powerful, but it is incredibly soft. Lavender oil is one of the very few essential oils that can be applied to the skin of healthy adults without having to dilute with an oil based.

The oil is even soft enough to be used on the skin of children over 2 years of age (diluted with an oil base such as organic coconut oil, for example) – however, consult a doctor first to make sure that this is safe for your child’s health.

Six powerful ways to use lavender during the cold and flu season

Lavender is considered an adaptogen, so it has the unique effect of relaxing and energizing simultaneously. Adaptogenic nature means that it is capable of balancing the body. Used for massage or aromatherapy, lavender oil relieves stress and acts as a mild sedative, helping to relieve depression or to drive off fatigue.

Now, look at six of the many useful uses of lavender oil

Relieves stress and anxiety

After a long day’s work, there is nothing more enjoyable than lavender oil massage or meditation to help you relax and gather your thoughts. In cases of anxiety, research supports the traditional use of lavender as an anti-anxiety elixir.

A study conducted at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria found that drinking lavender oil capsules is better for relieving the symptoms of anxiety than Ativan, a commonly prescribed medication to relieve anxiety symptoms.

If you are worried about anxiety and want to try lavender oil pills, talk to a naturopath who will determine the right dose for you and find a high-quality, nutritional grade oil for your needs.

Facilitates resting

Lavender provides a time-proven way to improve sleep quality and has been traditionally used for centuries to cope with insomnia. In Germany, the lavender flower tea is an approved treatment for anxiety and insomnia. Aromatherapy or massage with lavender essential oil or scent in the bedroom are all ways to make it easier for you to fall asleep and for a deeper sleep.

You can drop a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on a cloth and put it in the dryer while you dry your linen. So the whole family will enjoy a more relaxed sleep.

Relieves pain and soothes skin diseases

Applying essential oil of lavender to the skin soothes pain in the muscles and joints. Applying it to the temples also helps to eliminate unpleasant headaches.

This oil is also used to relieve many skin diseases such as eczema, acne, insect bites, mild burns and rashes. It also has remarkable antifungal properties and helps in the treatment of nail infections. Lavender is also used to clean light wounds.

Removes dandruff

Lavender Essential Oil can be used in a simple home remedy for dandruff. Soak your hair in warm water and dry it with a towel. Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with approximately 15 drops of lavender essential oil in a small bowl, heat on low heat until warm. Massage the scalp mixture, wait for an hour and wash your hair with natural shampoo. A recipe for such a shampoo can be found here: Here’s how to detoxify your hair

Relieves the symptoms of allergy

If the quality of the air in your home is not good and indoor allergens are causing you problems, adding lavender essential oil to a diffuser and spreading it into your home will solve the problem. To improve even more air in your home, read the article 13 Natural Ways for Continuous Freshness at Home.

For indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms, try the strength of herbal steam. Just add a few drops of lavender oil into a pot of boiling water, bend over the steam, making sure you do not burn and cover your head with a cloth. Wait a minute and relax.

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