Lavender oil is harmful to little boys, see why

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We are all in love with lavender.

In its wonderful scent, the infinite purple, the soothing landscape and the romantic mood it gives us.

Unfortunately, however, lavender oil is dangerous for young boys.

It, along with tea tree oil, contains chemicals that mimic female hormones.

And if they are in a larger quantity in the male organism, they lead to gynecomastia – breast growth in boys.
One of these ingredients is eucalyptol. It is not only found in these oils, but also in many nasal sprays, for example.

It is also used in shampoos, soaps and detergents.

When stopping the use of these oils, gynecomastia disappears, doctors say.
In our modern world, we have too many products that contain so-called endocrine disruptors – chemicals that activate or block the production of various hormones.

This results in damage to the female and male reproductive systems, has a bearing on the development of breast and prostate cancer, as well as various metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

The biggest sources of such substances are plastics, household preparations, materials containing flame retardants (that means many of the furniture and carpets in our homes), cosmetics and antibacterial soaps.

The solution – the less humorous, the better. Use baking soda, organic detergents and clean water – it cleans well enough.

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