Essential oils that drive off mosquitoes

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The mosquito bites can fail the best summer evening. To alternate the sipping of beer with light bites here and there on the body is not the most enjoyable way to spend the summer night.

You probably already have bought a repellent or have a homemade one.

That continuous lubrication, however, is a little annoying, and not all products actually work.

That’s why we offer you a few essential oils that you can add in the diffusers if you want an uninterrupted sleep or relaxing evening.

Their presence will delight you, and their aroma will drive away mosquitoes.



Recently, basil has become more popular than the savory on our latitudes. And how not, making it the most appropriate spice for the classic cheese tomatoes we all love so much.

But mosquitoes do not like it.


Its aroma soothes you and repels the mosquitoes. Another reason to love lavender passionately.


One of the most calming and regenerating scents.


Eating such may make your friends run away, so will the mosquitoes.

So do not eat it, smell it.



Some people do not like the scent because it’s too saturated. Most mosquitoes have the same opinion.

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