Essential oil aromatherapy as an aphrodisiac

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The aromas that will awaken his feelings …

If a certain aroma has ever caused your memories or a perfume has brought you to another time and elsewhere, you surely know what strength aromatherapy has – lifting the mood, curing the headache, generating unsuspected feelings.

It is categorical that aromas awaken emotions and desires that we can not control. In particular, they stimulate the production of pheromones – substances that stimulate the center of pleasure in the brain, resulting in an accelerated heartbeat and a strong sense of excitement.

And do you know which are the strongest aphrodisiac aromas?

Jasmine – this is a real sensual color fragrance and in places like India, for example, has been used by women since ancient times. The Indians have mastered the technique of seduction – applying aromatic oils of jasmine to their body and hair.

Rose has its own reason to be the flower of love and sensuality – loving men always choose to give their beloved rose, right? A bed sprinkled with pink leaves symbolizes eroticism. Queen Cleopatra’s famous bath was not only filled with milk but also with pink leaves. Surely, no man has been able to resist charming her.

Vanilla – the subtle and delicate vanilla scent will surely stimulate all your senses. It has extraordinary properties to raise mood and … libido. If you buy a new perfume, it’s important to ask what’s in it – keep it demanding that it contains notes of vanilla for more sensuality and mood.

Ylang-ylang – the aroma of this flower is pretty sweet. For this reason, it is often used in combination with other fragrances as it may be too strong and its effect to be negative. In the right proportions and combinations, however, the aroma definitely achieves the desired results.

Ginger – Ginger is not only well-known for all the spices we often use in cooking. It is added to various creams and ointments as it has skin-warming properties and relieves pain. Ginger stimulates the brain and is a proven aphrodisiac.

Which of the aromatic aphrodisiacs did you choose?

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