6 Detoxifying essential oils

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How to purify the body through essential oils?

Essential oils help in many ways. They hydrate the skin, nourish, cure for various conditions and facilitate healthy sleep.

Oils also help to detoxify the body. Which are the best oils for detoxification?

Mint oil

Mint oil can be used both locally and as a drink. Drink a few drops diluted with water. It will help you get the toxins directly from the inside of the body.

For outdoor use, peppermint oil is suitable for mixing with bath products. On regular use, peppermint oil helps remove the accumulated toxins in the skin.

Rosemary oil

Essential oil of rosemary helps not only to detoxify but also to improve the overall functioning of organs and systems. It improves blood circulation, digestion and has strong anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

Some studies claim that rosemary oil even has anticancer properties and that it improves memory.

Essential oil of mandarin

The mandarin extract is mostly made from the bark of the fruit. One of its most beneficial properties is definitely detoxification.

In addition, mandarin oil leaves a pleasant scent on the skin, improves liver function and is the most responsible organ for detoxification in the body.

Lemon oil

Lemon essential oil also has a pleasant and fresh aroma. According to research, the benefits of lemon oil include anti-cancer properties, stimulation of the immune system, lymphatic system, as well as reduction of inflammatory processes in the body.

Patchouli oil

A little known herb, patchouli has a number of properties. Essential oil of patchouli improves sexual function and reproductive organs. You can take a bathtub with a patchouli solution that will penetrate deep into the skin. You will feel its diuretic effect, with which you will cleanse the body easier.

Essential juniper oil

This oil is extracted from the fruits of the juniper. It is packed with useful antioxidants that act detoxifying and neutralizing free radicals in the body.


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