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Ayurveda, essential oils and science

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There are many different mechanisms that can have a positive impact both on our physical state and on the subtle levels of our personality. One such mechanism is aromas. Scientists have often been interested in why fragrances have so much influence on our energy and physiology. It turns out that there is nothing surprising in this.

Plants have a large reserve of vital energy that allows them to adapt to the unfavorable environmental conditions as well as to communicate with it.

Through the fragrances, we are conveyed subtle energy and qualities that aim at harmony and unity, and this influence is capable of doing miracles.

G. Young suggests that man is the most complex “successor” of all living organisms. Man emits and receives electromagnetic oscillations to maintain his normal level of electric frequency between 62-78 Hz. Reducing body frequency below the minimum, as G. Young found, testifies to a disorder of the immune system. His research shows clearly that:

  • the symptoms of the cold appear at 58 Hz,
  • the cold – 57 Hz,
  • Candida – 55 Hz, and so on.

G. Yang suggests that human health is the result of maintaining the body’s electrical frequency at the right level. This depends on the food/water consumption, the inhaled air, the impact of climatic and natural conditions, etc.

Important facts from the study are that:

  • canned food has an electrical frequency equal to zero,
  • fresh, fresh, raw food – up to 15 Hz,
  • dried herbs – 12-22 Hz and
  • essential oils – 52-320 Hz.

What is the conclusion?

Essential oils have a very large range of electrical frequency.

In this way, they can be natural correctors to the correct level of the electrical frequency of the human body. To maintain the health of the body and the strength and breadth of our spirit.

Essential oils “work” on three levels: energy-information, functional and molecular. In this way, they have a tremendous positive impact on the physical health as well as on the emotional state of the person.

Essential oils increase the subtle vibrations of the etheric body. They can strengthen the aura and have a stimulating effect on the chakras, help awaken, treat and uncover new information fields.

Essential oils, according to Ayurveda, can play a key role in balancing the chakras because the essential oil is the spirit or prana of the plants.

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