The 7 best essential oils for weight loss

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When a person wants to lose weight, he usually makes changes to their diet and increases their physical activity. Very few are those who would bet on essential oils as a means of weight loss.

These oils, however, can be an important tool in weight loss, whether you are using them as aromatherapy or by direct intake. Some essential oils have the power to suppress your appetite completely naturally, as well as to make you relax.

You can use oils by flavoring your home or bath. Another way is to put 3-4 drops of oil on some tissue and then inhale deeply. Two drops of essential oil in a glass of water will also help you lose weight.

Here are 7 essential oils that can help you lose weight:


It has many health benefits, but its main effect is accelerating metabolism and burning fat. Grapefruit essential oil is rich in vitamin C along with other important enzymes that can help detoxify the body. The smell of this oil is sufficient to stimulate weight loss, but for a stronger effect, use two drops of it in a large glass of water.


It can play a big role in weight loss aromatherapy. The bergamot oil makes you relax while simultaneously stimulating your endocrine system. If you eat under stress, this essential oil can definitely help your efforts to lose weight.


It is excellent for suppressing appetite as well as an effective remedy for digestive problems. You can enjoy the powerful aroma of essential mint oil while resting or diluting two drops of it in water. Drink the liquid after a meal to increase your sense of satiety.


It has the same properties as those of grapefruit essential oil.


It is so scented that it can also be used for cooking. Cinnamon essential oil will help you control blood sugar levels, as well as help your digestion. You can still use it as a tonic or just enjoy its pleasant scent while you are resting.


It has a strong soothing effect that reflects well on your mood and in cases of depression. If you drink a few drops of orange essential oil in a glass of water, this can encourage the production of more digestive secretions.


Great for relaxation, this oil can also act as a diuretic if swallowed. Use it to relax when you feel hungry and want to avoid the temptation of “forbidden foods.”

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