5 Uses of Mint Essential Oil

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Essential oil of peppermint is used mainly in medicine and cosmetics. Mint’s essential oil is more concentrated than other essential oils. Its topical application is safe, but it is recommended to dilute it with almond oil or jojoba oil.

What can the peppermint oil be used for?

Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

This syndrome is a real torture for the people who suffer from it. Mint oil is an ideal choice for patients with this problem. Studies have shown that mint alleviates symptoms and improves the overall quality of life. In addition, studies show a drastic reduction in the severity of symptoms in most patients.

Heavy flatulence

Colon collapses lead to large amounts of gas, which can be both annoying and quite uncomfortable. The good of peppermint oil is that it acts as an alternative to pharmaceutical products for removing gases. Add peppermint oil to your tea to relieve gas. Studies show that this combination is good for the intestine.

Upset stomach and digestion

An upset stomach is a common problem. 90 mg of peppermint oil help relieve symptoms. Another quick way to treat stomach upset is to add a few drops of peppermint oil to a glass of water.

Dental caries and halitosis

Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. That is why mint is a major component in toothpaste and rinsing water. Mouthwash contains chemically chlorhexidine. It inhibits the growth of diseased bacteria that form caries. Mint oil shows good results when it comes to preventing the emergence of new caries. It also removes bad breath.

A headache

The tension in the head is a real problem for people who suffer from migraines and frequent headaches. Work and everyday engagements become impossible to do. Essential Mint Oil also helps in these cases. It relieves headaches, even for the sake of their smell. You can smear your temples and the area around your forehead with peppermint oil. Mint has spasm action. It also reduces stress levels, making headaches less frequent.

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