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16 Ways how NOT to Use Essential Oils

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Writing this article provoked our numerous irresponsible advice on the web for various uses of essential oils, which are not only unacceptable but also dangerous.

Inform yourself, seek advice from certified aromatherapy, people with long-standing practice in the field, do not trust blindly.

How it should not be done:

  1. Drink essential oil of mint to stop breast milk.
  2. Drink essential oil of patchouli to suppress appetite.
  3. Drink essential oil of grapefruit to boost the immune system.
  4. With essential cinnamon oil to lubricate the lips for enlargement.
  5. Drink essential oil of lemon to clear the liver.
  6. Draw directly on a menstrual tampon juniper, tea tree, and lavender oil to treat vaginal fungi.
  7. Dissolve essential oils directly into the tub without having previously diluted in a base oil.
  8. Place a double dose of essential oil for cooking in raw candies – “for a stronger flavor”.
  9. Use lemon essential oil to whiten the teeth.
  10. Use combinations of essential and essential oils for sun protection, even those that may cause a phototoxic reaction.
  11. Drink in the morning a fast glass of water with essential lemon oil.
  12. Dissolve essential oil of peppermint on the tongue for fresh breath and mouth hygiene.
  13. Apply undiluted essential oil or pure combination of essential oils to the wrists and behind the ears instead of a perfume.
  14. Dilute undiluted essential oil of tea tree to nail with infection.
  15. Apply undiluted essential oil of Bulgarian rose or lavender to the skin of the face for a quick rejuvenating effect.
  16. Dilute the essential oil into a base oil before adding a lamp or diffuser to the aroma water

Finally, we recall the important rules for the safe and proper use of essential oils – do not overlook them, read them and follow them:

  • Essential oils should not be applied undiluted to the skin.
  • Dilution guidelines: Face – 2 drops total essential oils in 10 ml base oil (1% solution, body – 8 drops total essential oils in 20 ml base oil (2% solution)
  • Children, pregnant women, people suffering from asthma, epilepsy, cancer, allergies should use essential oils with caution and only after consultation with an aromatherapist. For them, dilution is half the standard above.
  • Phototoxic essential oils such as lemon, grapefruit, lime, bergamot, bitter orange may not be applied to the skin before sun exposure because they can cause redness, allergic reactions or pigmentation on the skin.
  • Due to their high concentration, essential oils work in drops. In a 10 ml bottle of essential oil, there are approximately 200 drops of it.
  • Use only essential oils that are 100% natural in origin.
  • Keep essential oils away from sources of heat and light. Keep the citrus oil in a refrigerator.
  • Keep essential oils away from children and pets.
  • When using essential oils, be careful not to get into the eyes or mucous membranes of the mouth.

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