Stay fresh after long party nights

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The good and violent emotions associated with the long party nights, and especially their nighttime program, are almost always replaced by splitting headaches, scattered clothes, blurred makeup, a bunch of washing dishes and pretty wild hair, waking up from a long sleep.

Well, we can not wash your dishes, but at least we can advise you how to enjoy a decent appearance with the following refreshing and flavoring tips.

  • Swollen eyes are treated with essential oil of chamomile, avocado or almond. Apply a few drops to the tired facial area and see what miracles these natural ingredients do.

  • Instead of feeling sorry for your head because of your hangover, swiftly dip into the tub and add a few drops of sandalwood oil and the same amount of lavender and grapefruit oil. After this aromatic cocktail, any discomfort will evaporate in no time.
  • If energy has long left your body, and you do not like it at all, we suggest that you ingest water with some of the following essential oils: basil, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, jasmine or rosemary.
  • Tea tree oil is a savior for skin with spots and stains through its antibacterial properties.

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