How to whiten your teeth in a natural way?

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Today we call the natural, ancient-known ways of whitening teeth as an alternative. Why? It only has to show us how far we have been away from nature. These natural ways are very affordable to make them at home in no time.

Here are three natural and easy ways to whiten your teeth at home. They will surely return the smile to your face.

1. First way – bio-etheric – Whitening of teeth with essential oils

Tooth whitening in a natural way can be done by using high and pure grade essential oils. Essential oils will make your smile more beautiful and will refresh your breath. A combination of a few drops of essential oil on your toothbrush will return the confident and radiant smile on your face.

Put on a brush with a drop of essential oil of thyme, cinnamon and cloves and wash your teeth as usual. With essential oils, you can massage your tongue by scraping the food residue. Essential oils are also used to refresh your breath.

Be careful because most of the essential oils in the market are supplemented with harmful chemicals. It is important to know that the basic rules for the labeling of essential oils allow the manufacturer to say that they are 100% pure but still contain up to 50% chemical additives.
If you use essential oils of thyme, cinnamon and carnation for the first time, you must make a tolerance test.

2. A second way – ayurvedic – Rinsing the mouth with oils or olive oil

Rinsing the mouth with oils or olive oil is an ancient Ayurvedic healing method, which is becoming increasingly popular in dentistry today. It includes toothbrushing early in the morning, rinsing, for 15-20 minutes. During exfoliation, enzymes are removed. Various oils, such as coconut oil or pure cold-pressed olive oil, are used for this method. But the most popular and effective oil is sesame oil. We recommend using organic, unrefined sesame oil.

3. The third way – folk medicine – Tooth whitening with bicarbonate soda

Soda bicarbonate or the known baking soda dissolved in water is the first effective method for cleaning and whitening teeth. This soft abrasive method removes dirt from the teeth and scraps the tartar that overlaps with time. This method should be used no more than once every two weeks to avoid damage to tooth enamel. Bicarbonate soda can dissolve the tooth adhesive, so if you wear braces/dentures, you should refrain from using this method.
When you brush your teeth with baking soda, soak your toothbrush and dip it in a small amount of bicarbonate soda. There is a very small amount that sticks to the tip of the hairs on your toothbrush. Wash your teeth as usual and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

And remember that the smile must be a part of our everyday life because it not only affects the mood, it also stimulates the mimic muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

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