For each person there is an appropriate oil that will reveal their beauty

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Before creams there were oils. Natural, extracted directly from the plants, caring for each skin.

The Egyptians, the Romans, and the Greeks have used oils, it is now important to preserve and continue the traditions simply because it is proven to work.

Natural oils have returned for several years to the cosmetics shelves of every one of us.

Cosmetic companies have also made it easier for us to offer special blends of different oils with a variety of actions.
My first encounters with face oils were precisely thanks to one of the big companies who released their “precious oil” for a face in the drugstores.

My dry skin accepted it with great joy, but I did not know too much about it and black dots soon formed.

My second experience, a few years later, was really successful – wheat oil, suitable for extremely dry skin.

The wheat oil is applied to the well-clean but damp skin. It is best to wash the face with warm water and, while there are droplets on it, apply no more than a few drops.

You make a pleasant massage for about two minutes, through which the drops of water have helped the oil get into the skin.

The result after two weeks of everyday use was hydrated, radiant and without any facial wrinkles.

Unlike creams, while I used the wheat oil instead of a cream, my face did not sweat, and the summer was really hot.

But there was saturation, and the wheat oil just stopped having the same effect on my face.

It turns out that the oil is doing something like “shock therapy” – you use intensely two or three weeks, then you do the rest and/or change the oil.

Whether you will choose a pure oil from a product or you will trust the experience of cosmetic companies that mix skillfully different oils for maximum effect depends on your budget and mood.

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