Top 5 Essential Oils for Men

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Aromatherapy, massages and essential oils – we always connect them with women. We think women are the ones who need to be presented with the new products and the benefits they will have. Men also need relaxation and toning. They … Continued

Aromatherapy and pregnancy

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Pregnancy does not mean denial of the use of essential oils. On the contrary, in this period of her life, the woman must be surrounded by bright and harmonious feelings and all that brings her delight and joy. Aromatherapy during … Continued

6 Detoxifying essential oils

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How to purify the body through essential oils? Essential oils help in many ways. They hydrate the skin, nourish, cure for various conditions and facilitate healthy sleep. Oils also help to detoxify the body. Which are the best oils for … Continued

DIY EASY – Toilet Odor Spray

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Today, we will show you how to make a toilet odor spray with handy materials that you certainly have at home. Or which you can easily find. To do this, you will need:    Lavender Essential Oil – 30 drops … Continued