How essential oils affect the brain

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When we inhale essential oils (or any other aroma), small aromatic molecules are transported through the nasal cavity through olfactory nerves to the olfactory epithelium-tissue, which unites millions of sensory neurons. Neuronal cells contain proteins called receptors that capture aromatic … Continued

Stay fresh after long party nights

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The good and violent emotions associated with the long party nights, and especially their nighttime program, are almost always replaced by splitting headaches, scattered clothes, blurred makeup, a bunch of washing dishes and pretty wild hair, waking up from a … Continued

16 Ways how NOT to Use Essential Oils

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Writing this article provoked our numerous irresponsible advice on the web for various uses of essential oils, which are not only unacceptable but also dangerous. Inform yourself, seek advice from certified aromatherapy, people with long-standing practice in the field, do … Continued

Essential Oils and Pets

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One thing I have learned about pet owners is that they are ready to do anything to keep the health of their pets. What pet owners need to know about essential oils? Essential oils (EO) are highly soluble lipid aromatic … Continued

Children and Aromatherapy

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Following certain security measures, we can safely and effectively use essential oils in the treatment of children. Children generally respond very well to aromatherapy and all natural methods of treatment. They have just entered this world and their brains are … Continued