In the animal kingdom, the female, when ready for assembly, often emits a sex-stimulating odor desire. In view of the paths of human society’s evolution in the dominant role of monogamy, such disclosure is totally superfluous despite the fact that the sexual odors of the body still play an active role. They are reinforced and sometimes suppressed by the use of perfumes. All this seems too natural and normal, but the question is

Why do we often cover up our natural sex-stimulating bodily smells and replace them with artificial?

We radiate exciting erotic smells not only from the genital area but also from sweating. The smell of hair, skin, and even breathing can have an erotic effect that intensifies during sexual intercourse. In aromatherapy, erotic oils are used to treat impotence, frigidity or other sexual problems. Many of these oils are also euphoric, resist depression and cause a sense of mental comfort. There are also several anti-rotative oils known as anaphrodisiac agents such as oregano oil. All these oils have other areas of application in aromatherapy and do not always affect sex.