Essential oils are quality solvents. When spilled and then wiped, the surface becomes completely clean and the oil can, therefore, be used for cleaning similar to pure alcohol. The most effective are lemon and grapefruit oils, which we also know are capable of dissolving gallstones. This is attributed to their too high terpenes content (65-95%), especially in lemon juice. When treating gallstones, Valne recommends lemon, pine and turpentine oils, all of which are terpenes-rich. Mint, rosemary and bergamot, albeit with a lower content of terpenes, are also useful in this regard. Chamomile, geranium, lemon and juniper oils contribute significantly to the dissolution and elimination of stones through the urine. None of the listed essences has a degrading or damaging effect on the mucous membrane and other normal body tissues. According to biologist PW Marceso, essential oils “cleanse the walls of the blood vessels, the gallbladder, the kidneys and the joints, helping to dissolve the stones and facilitate their elimination.”