As a preventative agent for infections, aromatherapy has a beneficial effect indirectly. The body’s ability to resist invasion (the penetration of disease-causing agents in the body), sometimes referred to as infection, and sometimes allergy can be reduced as a result of physical, mental or emotional exhaustion.

The response to an invasion is called an immune reaction, and if it is totally unmasked, the body remains entirely in the power of the invasive micro-organism. A similar process is seen in patients with transplants whose immune systems should be suppressed so that the body of the recipient can not reject the new tissues.

The same is true of people with AIDS. Today, some types of carcinoma are thought to be due to immune deficiency. Attempts have been made to stimulate it as a form of cancer treatment. In his book “Maximum Immunity”, Michael A. Weiner writes: “The fast-paced age of antibiotics is coming to an end. Because of its vast number of viruses and bacteria, they are rapidly evolving and creating resistant strains of almost all man-made pharmaceuticals The positive role of preventive medicine is becoming more and more important. ”

Essential oils not only do not have many of the disadvantages attributed to antibiotics but also enhance the natural ability to protect the body. It is known that many factors stimulate it, including good general condition, joy, good nutrition, most types of massage and most essential oils. In my opinion, in the next few years, essential oils will significantly displace antibiotics.