essential oil allergies
The antitoxic effect of a number of essential oils is confirmed by their effective response to insect poisoning. Both lavender and tea bush help with mosquito bites, bee stings. The tea bush is used in a poisonous bumblebee spider bite, and lavender is known for its neutralizing effect on the black widow spider. These are the two most poisonous spiders known to man, and their bites are usually fatal. Some essential oils, especially rose, counteract the toxins. It is thought that juniper oils and angelica root reduce the high levels of uric acid in the blood that occurs in gout and rheumatism. Certain essential oils contribute to the elimination of other toxins such as urea, oxalate and lactic acid. There is the reason to believe that aromatherapy would help solve problems related to allergy. Many people with hay fever respond well to rose oil, and other allergic conditions, including food allergies, are often corrected by the rose oil and the yarrow.