The main method in holistic aromatherapy is the introduction of a mixture of essential and vegetable oils through the skin by massaging. Alongside the massage other ways are possible, but in general, they are considered as ancillary.

In clinical aromatherapy, the picture is different; inhalation, shower, suppositories (anal suppositories) or oral – these are the main ways of applying oils and massage is generally not used at all. Essential oils can also be dissolved in rinse water or gargle, baths, compresses, enemas and even injections. The methods offered vary depending on which part of the body is affected by oil. For example, inhalation is an optimal method of direct introduction into the lungs and sinuses, while simultaneously affecting the nervous system through a sense of smell. Gargles can be made for throat infections, showers – for vaginal infections, etc. Given the volatile, dissolving and antiseptic properties of essential oils, their inhalation is particularly effective for the treatment of sinusitis. According to an English physician, they are especially valuable for local infections. Applied to the skin, the oils are able to penetrate directly to the outbreak of the infection. Not only that their diffusion through body tissues is more feasible than antibiotics, but they do not have to be taken by mouth and only then look for a way to reach the diseased site by blood.essential-oil-absorbtion

Taking ethereal oils through the mouth is the normal way for treating infectious diseases in France. There are some controversies in the UK, as many people think that this method may be more dangerous than rubbing diluted oils into the skin. In fact, things are not so, but I find that the question is somewhat controversial at the academic level, as holistic aromatherapy does not require oils to be taken by mouth. However, oral administration is particularly well suited to certain digestive problems and urinary tract infections. If phenomena follow their logical development, doctors and phytotherapists will gradually start prescribing aromatherapy by mouth for some types of illness, and holistic aromatherapy will stick to other methods, first of all massage. Of particular interest is the fact that oral and whole body massage deliver the same amount of essential oils in the bloodstream – about three drops. The different ways through which the oils pass are shown in the figure.