The idea of life force or fine energy is very old. The Chinese call it chi, the Japanese, and the Hindus prana. All living organisms have a non-physical life energy.

We own it, the plants possess it, the natural essential oils also possess it. There are also “re-created essential oils” that are formed by joining the same chemical ingredients contained in the prototype, obviously they are cheaper but have a distinctly different flavor and are devoid of the therapeutic potential and scope characterizing natural oils. some of the non-chemical vital constituents, it is almost impossible to duplicate natural oils, even by chemical means, as they contain numerous components in extremely small amounts – up to 0.00001%. ever, even if this problem is solved, I doubt whether the result will resemble the productive genius of nature.In life there is something more than chemistry, but the essential oils, although not alive in the literal sense of the word, possess a hidden healing power. Oils have a positive effect on life and health, so we know that they are able to stimulate tissue regeneration. For skin burns, lavender and other oils promote the growth of new healthy skin, which in turn leads to very rapid healing. The stimulating effect of essential oils on the healing process is also confirmed by rapid healing of wounds, inflammations and ulcers even in cases not receiving other forms of treatment. The regeneration of bone tissue can also be accelerated by essential oils; proves to be successful in the treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis and bone fracture. Rat liver tissue regeneration has been demonstrated using couminum (Italian cumin) seeds, dill, corn and parsley seeds.
It is well known that essential oils enhance the immune system in part by accelerating the production of white blood cells. The regeneration of cutaneous tissue referred above is probably due to an increase in cellular activity and growth. Since the aging process implies slow cell renewal, it is reasonable to assume that aromatherapy is “rejuvenating.” In 1559 Conrad Gessner characterizes essential oils as having a power that preserves health and prolongs the period of youth.

A number of sources mention the electrical aspect of aromatherapy in connection with cell stimulation.

Rowesty claims that electromagnetic load of aromatic molecules in essential oils has “distinct effects on cell magnetic fields.” Valne examines the electrical resistance of essential oils. It draws attention to the fact that cancer is a disease in which the electrical resistance of the cells is reduced and that the camphor oil having a high resistance threshold has anticancer properties, and his comment is that the high resistance threshold of the essences counteracts the spread of diseases and toxins.

For centuries, it has been claimed that all living organisms are surrounded by an aura, that is, an energy field extending beyond the boundaries of the physical body.

Some people are fortunate to see it. For most people it is difficult, but actually to feel the hidden energy around someone’s body is fairly easy and not just those who can learn. “Dolores Creiger, a professor at New York University, taught this technique of nursing and wrote a book called Therapeutic Touch. Psychotherapy is not new, it is based on the principle of “energizing” the patient’s hidden energy body to be healed in some way.

Years ago, Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian has developed a method of photographing the “aura.” He uses ordinary photographic paper and instead of a camera – a tool that produces a high-voltage electric field, every living creature, be it a plant or an animal, shows an energy field around it , when it is shot in the way described.Many of the connoisseurs of this technique tend to demystify it, pointing out quite correctly that it does not show the aura as such, but rather the electric effect of the field. A method for diagnosis and analysis based on Kirlian’s patient’s handshots has been developed recently.