stress and romatherapy

The power of aromatherapy is the combination of two factors, and probably what is best known for, it is the fight against stress and numerous conditions that are under stress, probably around 90% of all health problems.

What is the mechanism of its action?

Stress cycle is a vicious circle, a downward spiral, four symptoms that are often the first signs of something wrong – mental tension, poor sleep, physical tension, and drop-out – pain, lack of appetite, easy irritability, and so on, etc. The just-listed phenomena are part of the everyday life of most of us, and if we are able to deal with them properly, there is no reason to worry. To look for pomp when a worsening occurs when our own stress-cycle takes command and breaks the defense line of our good condition, there comes a moment in which we can no longer help ourselves, overcome the stress situation, whether it is due of our own actions, or of something beyond our control.

The positive effect in such cases is the first thing to find in the patient with stress-related complaints. The charitable changes become apparent after the first procedure. Patients often say they feel better internally, their sleep is more fulfilling, they are not so tired, they have an appetite and normal sex life; in general, are clearer and stronger. The purpose of aromatherapy is to make us feel better if not during treatment, then certainly after it. The reasons are complex, but this is partly due to the release of certain chemical compounds that affect mood. They are known as neurochemicals because they are interconnected with the nervous system. The action of one of these, noradrenaline, is probably triggered by stimulating oils, and serotonin is affected by soothing oils.  In others like endorphins and encephalins, we owe our good condition after treatment. It is known that they have a double effect. First, we feel excellent, slightly euphoric, and secondly, act as a natural pain reliever. Soldiers who have suffered severe injuries during combat are sometimes unconscious of pain for a while because they release painkiller neurochemicals in their bodies. A study at the Beijing Medical College shows that finger pressure at acupuncture points may raise the pain threshold to 133% as a result of increased levels of endorphins and encephalins.

Pain and stress are significantly interrelated. Although no essential oil is considered to be a powerful painkiller, there are many pain-related conditions in which aromatherapy brings relief: scorpion stings, poison spiders, bees bites, neuralgia; a toothache and headache.