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Welcome to this small space on the internet where I can share the passion I have for essential oils. I am a 30-year old woman from a small European country and like all other women out there in the world, I am interested in beauty products, natural remedies, and alternative medicine.

I what to have smooth skin, long and healthy hair, strong nails and you know, all other good stuff that women want to have.

How did my passion for natural products start?

Recently the hot topic in the beauty industry has become the bio and natural products, homemade products. At first, I bought a small bottle of Lavender oil because I wanted to find a way how to fall asleep faster and wake up fresher. And this small bottle of Lavender essence was the firestarter of my interest in natural products, essential oils, aromatherapy, natural remedies and all other pleasures that we can get out of these small but strong drops of nature.

I have started this small blog/informational website to store the information I find and share it with other people who are interested in it too.

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